Feathertop Rhodes grass workshop – Gunnedah

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Feathertop Rhodes grass workshop – Gunnedah
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6 hours and 45 minutes

This 1-day workshop will address the latest research underpinning the management of feathertop Rhodes grass, providing growers and advisers with the knowledge to tackle this complex weed problem.

Research has consistently shown that a ‘wait and react’ strategy (using post-emergent herbicides only) is generally ineffective. Successful programs typically require an integrated approach that combines farm hygiene, pre-emergent herbicides, competition, well targeted post-emergent herbicides and, in many situations, targeted tillage. For many growers, this weed has the potential to force significant changes to farm operations should it be allowed to become established.

The silver lining is that, with aggressive intervention, paddocks can be bought back under control relatively quickly i.e. within a couple of summers.

Workshop content will focus on:

  • Understanding of feathertop Rhodes grass ecology and biology and how this influences proliferation, including how we can exploit the plants weaknesses when designing our management approach.
  • Herbicide tolerance and resistance
  • Management tactics
    • Farm hygiene
    • Crop competition and crop sequencing
    • Double knock and in-crop post-emergent herbicides
    • Pre-emergent herbicides and where to use them
    • Optical sprayers
    • Targeted tillage
  • Pulling it all together in a management plan.

Please note; this workshop is limited in capacity, so book in early to secure your spot.

Gunnedah Services Club, 313 Conadilly St
NSW 2380
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Erica McKay or Mark Congreve
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Cost (in AUD$): Free


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