AFREN foliar disease and fungicide resistance workshop (Katanning)

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AFREN foliar disease and fungicide resistance workshop (Katanning)
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1 day and 7 hours

Agronomists and grain growers are invited to discuss the cutting edge of disease and fungicide resistance management in a 2-day GRDC-supported workshop, brought to you by the Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN).

Workshop facilitator, John Cameron, said “Coupling the fire power of Nick Poole and regional pathologists with the field expertise of up to 20 leading agronomists, the discussion will be lively and targeted on issues of regional importance and how this is reflected in advice to growers. It’s a great mix, and all who attend – no matter how experienced, will pick up new and valued understanding.”

These ‘small group’ workshops cover:

  • Cereal growth stages and spray decisions
  • Where different fungicides fit
  • Fungicide resistance management and resources
  • Integrating fungicides, varieties, epidemiology, and seasons for fun and profit
  • Cereal canopy management interactions with foliar disease decision making
  • Management strategies in cereal and canola that consider the underlying risk of fungicide resistance
  • Strategies for managing SDHI and other resistance issues, including net blotches in barley and triazole resistance in powdery mildew.

Participants will receive a first-class resource kit including:

  • GRDC booklets: Cereal Leaf and Stem Diseases, Cereal Diseases – The Ute Guide and Disease Management And Crop Canopies – What Are The Interactions?
  • Printouts of presentations
  • Regional reference documents

This AFREN (Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network) workshop has been developed with support from growers and the Federal Government through the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Premier Mill Hotel, Cnr Clive & Austral Terrace
WA 6317
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John Cameron or Erica McKay
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Cost (in AUD$): 55


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