GRDC Code: SAG2407-001FAX
SAGIT - Strategies for mitigating frost damage in the Upper North Region of SA
Frost events are a significant concern in the Upper North region of South Australia, resulting in substantial crop losses and economic impacts recent years. The Upper North is susceptible to frost damage at various stages in the growing season, leading to decreased yields. A holistic approach applying proven research outcomes over numerous years requires validation in local trials and extension to growers and advisers.

This investment aims to begin by identifying frost related knowledge gaps specific to Upper North growers, their farming systems and environment, and propose learning outcomes. Rather than embarking on new frost research endeavours, the focus will be on tailoring existing knowledge to suit the unique conditions of the Upper North region. This involves assessment of established practices and refining frost management strategies, ensuring they are well suited to the local challenges and opportunities. This approach plans to provide growers with practical, region-specific insights and strengthen their ability to effectively mitigate the impacts of frost and bolster crop yields through practical management decisions.

The interior undulating country to the east of SA's Mount Remarkable is frequently affected by significant frosts causing widespread stem and head damage to multiple crops. This will be the primary focus of this project with potential trial locations at Booleroo Centre, Melrose, Morchard, Laura or Jamestown.

The planned outcome of this investment is that by June 2027, 50% of growers in the frost prone regions of the Upper North region of South Australia will have the increased knowledge, confidence to adopt and ability to implement the best management practices to minimise the impact of frost on their profitability.

This is a co-investment with SAGIT delivered with Trengove Consulting.
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  • Wheat, (Cereal)
  • Barley, (Cereal)
  • Oats, (Cereal)
  • Canola/Rapeseed, (Oilseed)
The South Australian Grain Industry Fund
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