GRDC Code: SAG2407-002FAX
SAGIT - Appropriate fertiliser strategies for on-row lentil sowing in saline soils
Previous work funded by the South Australian Grain Industry Trust (SAGIT) has demonstrated significant yield benefits of on-row sowing to avoid soil salinity in moderately saline calcareous soil types of the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. There are still gaps in knowledge about the longevity of fertiliser management with on-row sowing, how to optimise phosphorus (P) management options in the cereal/pulse phases, and how to optimise P fertilise placement at seeding in the lentil phase.

Through replicated trials on the Yorke Peninsula, this project will:
1) Assess the third season residual benefit of sowing on-row compared to off-row at different levels of applied phosphorus fertiliser (MAP) for a lentil/cereal rotation.
2) Assess the residual effect of increasing P fertiliser rates in the cereal phase on lentil yield and seed safety in the following season.
3) Compare and optimise P fertiliser placement strategies in the lentil phase to maximise yields and minimise fertiliser toxicity to the seed.

The planned outcome of this investment is that by June 2026, growers will have the knowledge of how to best manage lentils with on-row sowing, fertiliser management and their interaction, in the phosphorus deficient and moderately saline calcareous soil types on the Yorke Peninsula.

This is a co-investment with SAGIT delivered with Central Ag Solutions.
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  • Lentils, (Legume)
The South Australian Grain Industry Fund
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