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GRDC Code: CSP1906-008RTX
Virtual fencing for better crop integrated weed management

Livestock can be a key Integrated Weed Management (IWM) tool in cropping systems through grazing in the summer fallow, the pasture phase, in dual purpose crops, by spray grazing and potentially for in-crop weed management. Grazing weakens the plant and in some cases flowers and seeds can be actively consumed. Large numbers of livestock currently exist in the grain growing regions of Australia including approximately 65% of the Australian sheep flock (MLA 2018) and with recent high meat and wool prices, their value to the farming system is even greater. The relatively recent technology of virtual fencing can allow grazing in discrete spatial areas. This would achieve high stocking density and less selective grazing. It could also allow specific grazing of patches where weed burdens are high. This could occur in pasture, fallow or even in-crop. Controlled spatial grazing also provides the manager with the flexibility to avoid grazing areas of a paddock prone to erosion without losing grazing from more benign areas.

This investment will test the use of targeted grazing in a crop, pasture and summer fallow setting using virtual fencing for 'zonal' or patch grazing aimed at maximising weed control value and minimising crop and environmental impact.

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The invisible fenceline – how virtual fencing is reshaping weed control


The invisible fenceline – how virtual fencing is reshaping weed control…