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GRDC Code: DAQ1906-002RTX
National Resistance Monitoring for Insect Pests of Stored Grain.

Insect pests of stored grain increase costs to grain growers, through physical losses, costs of controlling infestations, and limiting access to markets. Fumigants and grain protectants are used to manage these pests. Resistance monitoring generates information that provides a basis for effective pest management.

Monitoring resistance to the key fumigant phosphine in major stored grain pests has been integral to effective pest and resistance management. This project aims to monitor on farm grain storages for resistance to key grain protectants for five major stored grain insect pests.

The program provides growers with strategic information on resistance trends in their region, and incidences of pests and strong resistances in grain stored on properties visited. Data will be stored in the Australian Grains Insect Resistance Database (AGIRD).

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Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
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