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GRDC Code: DPI1901-002RTX
Increasing the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region

This investment aims to develop improved rhizobial strains and inoculation practices for chickpea, lentil and faba bean in acidic soils of the GRDC's Western and Northern regions. The development of elite rhizobial strains is important in increasing pulse production. Pulse production in central and southern New South Wales is likely to be constrained by acidic soils which are widespread throughout the region and results to date indicate that elite strains may increase nodulation in these circumstances.

The aim of this project is to evaluate the potential of a number of elite strains of rhizobia suitable for use across the Group E/F legume host range with a view to releasing a suitable strain that is well adapted to these regions. The release of such a strain offers potential to increase nitrogen fixation by pulses and increase the area of adaptation where they can be successfully grown.

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Chickpeas, Lentils, Faba/Broad Beans
Department of Regional NSW
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