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GRDC Code: FAR1906-003RTX
Development and validation of soil amelioration and agronomic practices to realise the genetic potential of grain crops grown under a high yield potential, irrigated environment in the northern and southern regions.

This investment will develop and evaluate the effectiveness of novel soil management technologies and crop specific agronomic management practices on the profitability of irrigated systems. The aim being to addressing key constraints of yield and profit in irrigated cropping systems, with a focus on knowledge gaps in durum wheat, faba bean, canola, chickpea and maize crops grown under irrigation. Setting new economically achievable yield benchmarks for these crops will, along with other related irrigation investments, improve grower capacity to respond to varying water and commodity prices through agronomic practices targeted to the unique constraints of irrigated cropping systems.

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Canola/Rapeseed, Barley, Wheat, Faba/Broad Beans, Chickpeas, Other
Northern, Southern
Field Applied Research Australia Ltd
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