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GRDC Code: UMU1901-002RTX
Increasing the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Western Region

The adaptation of high value pulse crops (chickpea, lentil and faba bean) is restricted by the suitability of current rhizobial strains to soil and climatic conditions.

This project, in collaboration with similar projects in the GRDC's Northern and Southern regions, will evaluate a range of elite rhizobial strains for high value pulse crops with the objective of releasing elite commercial strains.

Such strains will improve the adaptation range of high value pulse crops and their use in farming systems resulting in increased nitrogen fixation and a reduction in reliance on inorganic nitrogen fertilisers. The work is also examining soil and crop management practices, particularly inoculation and herbicide applications, which may affect nodulation and nitrogen fixation of pulse crops.

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All Pulses
Murdoch University
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