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GRDC Code: UOA1803-009RTX
Optimising plant establishment, density and spacings to maximise crop yield and profit in the southern and western regions

Rapid and even crop establishment is a foundation for vigorous crops that are competitive against weeds.  In recent years there has been growing interest in Australia and overseas in adapting precision seeding technology that is widely used in summer crop production, to winter crops. However, there is little information on the current levels of crop establishment and stand uniformity in the major winter crops, the potential for improvements in crop establishment and the potential agronomic and economic benefits of improving crop establishment and stand uniformity within modern farming systems.

To address these issues, this project will focus on:

  • identifying the factors that are most influential in determining variation in crop establishment and uniformity
  • providing recommendations to growers and to assess the agronomic and economic benefits and risks of different seeding systems, and
  • providing a communication program on the outcomes of this work to industry.

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Canola/Rapeseed, Chickpeas, Faba/Broad Beans, Lentils, Field Peas
The University of Adelaide
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