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GRDC Code: UOA1905-015RTX
New knowledge and practices to address topsoil and subsurface acidity under minimum tillage cropping systems of South Australia

Soil acidity is an emerging issue in some areas of South Australia under minimum tillage cropping systems.

This investment will characterise the extent of soil acidity issues across SA, assess the effectiveness of lime application, identify and validate new soil acidity amelioration practices and provide improved management information to growers and their advisers. The investment will instigate new long-term field trials and glasshouse experiments, revisit existing lime trials, and conduct extension and communication activities to:

  1. Understand the extent of spatial variability in soil acidification across a range of soils and farming systems in SA, including the impact of seeding system and fertiliser applications
  2. Generate new information regarding lime movement and effectiveness when applied to the surface different soils and environments in minimum tillage systems
  3. Identify, develop and validate novel acidity management practices - lime forms, placement and incorporation, including soil inversion or delving to overcome the impacts of subsoil acidity
  4. Extend current knowledge and decision support tools illustrating the economic costs of acidity, to better inform grower and advisor decision making regarding lime applications.

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The University of Adelaide
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