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GRDC Code: UOQ1803-006RTX
Economics of ameliorating soil constrains in the northern region: Program co-ordination – communication, extension and evaluation

Approximately 75% of Australian soils have constraints that limit agricultural productivity. In the GRDC's Northern Region, these commonly take the form of sodicity, acidity, salinity, and compaction. These constraints may occur singly or in combination, at the soil surface or in the subsoil, and they tend to occur heterogeneously across paddocks and properties. This project (Project D) is part of an integrated body of work that will provide growers with knowledge and capacity to enable them to identify what constraints are present on their properties and where these occur (Project A), and what management strategies will alleviate these constraints to increase yield (Project B) and the profitability of these strategies (Project C).

This project (Project D) will coordinate and guide the operations of Projects A, B, and C and assist with communication and collaboration between the groups and in leveraging opportunities between projects to ensure a better outcome. It will also be responsible for coordinating the communication, extension and evaluation of the whole program's results to growers and advisers.

The overall aim of the projects is to provide growers in the GRDC's Northern Region with the technical and economic knowledge and tools to identify and manage soil constraints to achieve improved farm profitability.

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