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GRDC Code: UOQ1808-003RTX
Optimising mungbean yield in the northern region - Mungbean Physiology

As mungbean increases in popularity grower confidence in mungbeans is limited by high levels of yield variability in the paddock. In addition, understanding the drivers of this variability is currently limited by poor understanding of the crop physiology. This project aims to address significant gaps in our understanding of mungbean physiology including drivers of yield in mungbean, constraints that limit yield performance under optimal and sub-optimal (heat / water stress) conditions and dynamics of harvest index. In addition, the field data will be used to develop the NextGen APSIM mungbean model.

This project focuses on understanding how we can optimise breeding and management strategies to increase grain yield and crop resilience in mungbean for the benefit of growers and the broader industry.

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Mung Beans
The University of Queensland
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