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GRDC Code: UOQ2003-011RTX
INVITA - A technology and analytics platform for improving variety selection

The INVITA AU project, leveraged off a similar existing initiative in Europe, will develop a platform for improving variety selection by accessing and developing enabling technologies and analytics solutions that will be deployed within National Varietal Trials to support more profitable selection decisions by Australian growers.

The project aims to:

  1. support improved grower decision making by better accounting for environmental variability and its impacts on experimental treatments across trial sites and seasons;
  2. improve site-specific trial plot estimates by better-quantifying and adjusting for site variability;
  3. increase the speed and accuracy of trial result release and publication; and
  4. inform continuous improvement of related trial programs by providing quantitative feedback on trial quality.

The project should stimulate yield improvements in wheat, barley, canola, and sorghum, as a consequence of better variety/breeding selection and improved agronomic management.

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Wheat, Barley, Canola/Rapeseed, Sorghum
The University of Queensland



INVITA – Innovations in plant testing in Australia


Growers are set to get better variety recommendations faster through a new GRDC investment, INVITA, …