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GRDC Code: USQ1803-002RTX
Economics of ameliorating soil constraints in the northern region: Soil constraint management and amelioration

This project will work with grain growers, grower groups and consultants to identify the best management options for the range of constrained soils across the different cropping systems in the GRDC's Northern Region. It will develop a decision framework that will improve the long-term profitability of grain production on such soils. Soil sodicity (in both surface and subsoils) can significantly reduce grain production through reduced infiltration of rainwater, poor crop establishment and limitations to root growth and functions which subsequently restrict the crops' access to soil water and nutrients. Acidity, salinity and compaction further constrain such environments' yield potential, which is why this project focuses on sodicity as the major constraint with the others as compounding and interacting factors.

Specifically, this project will develop and demonstrate improved management strategies for these soils in the northern grain growing regions of Australia.

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Not Crop Specific, All Crops
University of Southern Queensland
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