Lifting HRZ cereal yields

Host: | Date: 09 Jan 2019

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Image of Dr Steve JefferiesDespite having a better climate for grain production than most of mainland Australia, the average cereal yield in Tasmania is still considered to be well below its potential.

In this podcast you’ll hear from GRDC’s MD Dr Steve Jefferies talk about two GRDC investments that are working to address this challenge, to help Tasmanian, and high rainfall zone cereal growers on the mainland, close the yield gap and develop new fungicide management strategies.

Both areas of research are part of The Hyper Yielding Cereals project and the project’s annual field day at Hagley in northern Tasmania attracted grain growers from as far away as South Australia’s York Peninsular.

GRDC’s Managing Director, Dr Steve Jefferies, was at the field day.

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