Lupins UK Style (National, 10 October 2008)

Author: | Date: 10 Oct 2008

Dr Anthony Biddle of Processors and Growers Research Organisation, Peterborough, UK, speaking at the GRDC supported 12th International Lupin Conference in Fremantle, WA, told delegates there were many constraints to UK grain lupin production.

“Much of the arable land is alkaline, partly because the break crop is sugar beet, which uses a lot of lime and varieties that grow best are late maturing, creating a time conflict as growers need to clear fields for winter crops.

“Other issues are variable yield and inadequate weed control,” he said.

Dr Biddle indicated problem weeds include brassicas and black bindweed, but herbicide options for weed control were limited to chemicals approved for use in beans and peas.

He said lupins have a small niche market in the UK, mainly for on-farm livestock feeding and the total area sown to lupins is a mere 6000 hectares.

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