Corowa grains forum prepares local growers for season 2011

Author: | Date: 28 Feb 2011

Corowa grains forum prepares local growers for season 2011

Grain growers in the southern Riverina and north-east Victoria regions have been armed with the latest research information and agronomic resources as they prepare to embark on the 2011 cropping season.

Growers attending the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)/Riverine Plains Inc Grower Update at the Corowa RSL Club, held earlier this month, were provided with the latest information on seasonal and industry issues and research developments.

Grains industry experts speaking at the event updated growers and farm consultants on new grain varieties and herbicide options, farm management tools and crop diseases.

GRDC Southern Regional Panel member Peter Schwarz said the Update was attended by 160 industry personnel and provided a valuable forum for discussion on key issues affecting local grain growing systems and the outlook for the 2011 season.

Mr Schwarz said the GRDC and Riverine Plains Inc hosted the event to present growers with practical advice on how to make the most out of their farming systems, taking into account wet weather issues encountered towards the end of the 2010 growing season and throughout harvest and what impact those conditions will have on 2011 cropping programs.

The audience responded particularly well to information on trading opportunities and information on weed resistance.

“I think a lot of farmers are still getting their head around how to sell their end product and found this session particularly useful,” he said.

“Farmers are also well aware of weed resistance issues and they want practical information to direct their actions.”

He said information was delivered in a practical manner and was complemented by representatives from the Riverine Plains Inc group outlining trial work in progress at GRDC-funded project sites.

Adam Inchbold, the immediate past chairman of Riverine Plains, discussed a project investigating the application of crop sensing technology in commercial broadacre systems.

Mr Inchbold said the project, conducted at two sites – Yarrawonga and Dookie in Victoria – uses CropCircle sensors at key growth stages to measure crop growth and development, biomass and deep soil nitrogen content (DSN).

These findings will add to results from canopy management trials and give some insight into how the technology can be applied to commercial systems to increase water use efficiency in terms of improved yield and nitrogen fertiliser applications.

Ron Storey of Storey Marketing Services discussed grain trading in the context of the global market and strongly advised the audience to stop holding out for higher prices.

He said growers confident of production in 2011-12 should not be holding on to unsold 2010-11 grain. “It is not a time to be waiting for higher and higher prices, it is a time to lock in good profits,” he said.

Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group (AGSWG) Chairman, Dr Chris Preston, from the University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, discussed new herbicide management solutions, particularly the identification of trifluralin, paraquat and glyphosate resistance in annual ryegrass and how to get the best out of new pre-emergent herbicides.