Get the facts for season 2011

Author: | Date: 01 Mar 2011

GET THE FACTS FOR SEASON 2011: To assist grain growers in the southern cropping region with their preparations for the 2011 season, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has produced a series of fact sheets on relevant seasonal issues. The Choosing Break Crops, Time of Sowing and Stubble Management fact sheets will be distributed to growers over the coming weeks. The Choosing Break Crops fact sheet details the key factors in determining which break crops are most suitable for growers’ individual requirements and conditions. The impact on yield and quality of wheat is outlined in the Time of Sowing fact sheet, while the Stubble Management fact sheet addresses various strategies for dealing with winter crop residues, which have presented as a major issue in many parts of the southern cropping zone following the 2010-11 harvest. The fact sheets will be included in the March-April edition of Ground Cover and are also available free (plus postage and handling) through GRDC’s Ground Cover Direct – freecall 1800 110044 or email