GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions Call for Applications: GRDC Network Facilitators

Author: | Date: 09 May 2011

GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions MAP

GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions
Call for applications: GRDC Network Facilitators

The GRDC is seeking to establish a network of Development & Extension Facilitators across its southern and western regions to work specifically with groups involving individual growers, farming systems groups, agribusiness, research organisations and the GRDC to proactively respond to regional grain grower issues in a timely manner and to build regional D&E capacity among growers and advisers.

GRDC managing director John Harvey said the network would focus the GRDC on regional delivery and grower needs by better understanding and defining the local production issues. The network would provide essential on-the-ground linkages between growers, agribusiness and researchers to complement the National Grains Industry Research, Development and Extension Strategy.

“This strategy is part of a renewed effort to lift grower profitability by shortening the length of the adoption cycle for the things that matter most to growers with the ultimate aim being to increase measurable productivity gains for the grains industry,” Mr Harvey said.

“This will be achieved using a network of skilled and informed facilitators that link, support and inform regional planning groups participating in these networks.”

He said GRDC and growers were operating in an ever-changing environment and the organisation’s delivery of D&E must continue to adapt.

“Growers continue to face a broad spectrum of demands on their time and resources and so providing support where they need it the most will be critical,” Mr Harvey said.

“One of the ways we are responding to these challenges is by working more closely with local growers and their advisers to accurately identify and prioritise their local farming systems issues. Doing this together will ensure we develop the right activity to answer the identified question/s, and provide the right information and training across the different regions.”

Facilitators are being sought in the following regions:
• Southern Region - Southern Low Rainfall, Southern Medium Rainfall, Southern High Rainfall and Southern Murray Darling Basin Irrigation
• Western Region - WA northern, WA central east, WA central west, WA Great Southern and Esperance

Network facilitators will work with individual growers, regional farming systems groups and local advisers to contribute to and support the identification and prioritisation of local production issues.

For more information, contact Stuart Kearns, GRDC manager validation and adoption, ph: 02 6166 4500 or email:

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IMAGE CAPTION: The GRDC is looking for Network Facilitators across the Southern and Western regions.

• For more information contact Stuart Kearns at the GRDC on 02 6166 4500

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