Stop the crown rot: Rotate, Observe, Test

Author: | Date: 22 Feb 2011

crown rot brochure

A new Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) campaign aims to link grain growers with the latest research recommendations on the potentially devastating cereal disease, crown rot.

GRDC-funded analysis shows crown rot costs the Australian grains industry $79 million each year, or $6.63 per hectare.

Without current control measures in place crown rot has the potential to cost industry $434m/year or $36.44/ha.

James Clark, GRDC northern panel chair said managing crown rot requires a three-step program based on crop rotation, monitoring for basal browning as well as whiteheads, and soil and stubble testing.

“Every grower in the northern region should consider crown rot when designing crop sequences and farm practices,” Mr Clark said.

“The three main strategies to stop the rot are: rotation, observation and testing.”

A new crown rot information package will be available at the upcoming northern region GRDC Updates. It contains a DVD featuring prominent crown rot researcher Dr Steven Simpfendorfer, Industry and Investment NSW (I&I NSW).

Also included in the information package are crown rot fact sheets, articles and a brochure on control measures. The package is available free of charge from Ground Cover Direct, Ph: 1800 11 00 44, Fax: 1800 00 99 88 or E-mail:

For more information on crown rot control, visit or


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