Canola growers advised of herbicide label change

Author: Natalie Lee | Date: 17 Jun 2014

Canola growers are advised that labels on haloxyfop products will be amended to help ensure that domestic and international residue limits are complied with.

Post-emergent grass control in canola crops is commonly undertaken with herbicides containing the active ingredient haloxyfop, such as Verdict 520®, Asset® and Inquest®.

Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) acting plant health senior manager Ken Young said the new labels would clarify ‘Directions for Use’ and reduce the chance of misinterpretation.

“Haloxyfop labels are being amended to more clearly define when the products can be used in relation to the crop growth stage,” he said.

“This will help ensure that users comply fully with domestic and international residue limits.”

Haloxyfop product labels will be changed to read: ‘Apply from two-leaf to eight-leaf stage of crop growth. DO NOT apply after the commencement of stem elongation’.

“Application must not occur after stem elongation has started because this can result in haloxyfop residues being above Australian and international Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs),” Dr Young said.

“It is important that growers and spray operators adhere to the new label directions so that residue standards are not breached and to protect Australia’s important canola markets.”

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