Harvest weed seed control webinar

Author: Natalie Lee | Date: 11 Jun 2014

Non-herbicide weed control strategies are being employed over large areas of the Western Australian grainbelt at harvest time to reduce the weed seed burden and manage resistant weeds.

Techniques including windrow burning, chaff carts and the Harrington Seed Destructor drive down the weed seed ‘bank’ to very low numbers, making weed control easier, even in the face of herbicide resistance.

A Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) sponsored webinar on the topic of ‘A beginner’s guide to harvest weed seed control’ will be held on Tuesday, June 24.

Hosted by ICAN, the webinar is designed to provide helpful tips for advisers and growers throughout Australia who are unsure where to start.

“Topics that will be explored include why to consider harvest weed seed control; what options are available; what paddocks to target; and how to achieve success,” ICAN senior consultant Mark Congreve said.

“Presenters will include Michael Walsh, of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative and Maurie Street, of the Grain Orana Alliance.”

The starting time for the free webinar is: Western Australia: 1pm; South Australia: 2.30pm; and Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania: 3pm.

To participate, use a laptop, tablet or personal computer to watch and listen to a 30 minute presentation, which will be followed by about 15 minutes for questions. 

Pre-registration is required so that participants can receive a link to the webinar software. For more information, or to register, go to http://www.icanrural.com.au/iwm.html or contact ICAN on 02 9482 4930.

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