Australian researchers lead ambitious wheat challenge

Author: GRDC Chairman Richard Clark | Date: 12 Nov 2015

Congratulations to Australia’s eminent scientists and research institutions selected to lead and contribute to projects in the International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP).

The Partnership aims to build a vibrant, public-private research community and to coordinate worldwide research in wheat genetics, genomics, physiology, breeding and agronomy.

The ambitious goal of IWYP is to raise the genetic yield potential of wheat by up to 50% over the coming 20 years.

We have an important role in the IWYP initiative, with GRDC being one of the 12 investment Partners and Australia now successful in five of the eight multinational projects selected in the first research round.

In December, the GRDC will be putting the spotlight on Australia’s engagement in global innovation, highlighting the objectives of the lead projects and the issues that grain growers face which the IWYP initiative seeks to address.

The first round focuses on addressing how genetic yield potential in wheat can be enhanced by increasing carbon capture before flowering; optimising plant architecture; modifying flowering time; increasing biomass; and optimising harvest index.

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