GRDC Regional Strategy

Author: John Harvey | Date: 11 Feb 2016

John Harvey, GRDC Managing Director

The GRDC welcomes confirmation from Ministers Joyce and Ruston regarding the Corporation's strategy to increase its regional presence. We have been working for grain growers for 25 years and their needs continue to drive GRDC's strategic investments in research, development, commercialisation and extension.

We are in the process of transferring many of GRDC’s functions from Canberra into new regional offices (Toowoomba and Dubbo in North; Adelaide in South; and Perth in West) to strengthen our connection with growers. This is in recognition of the great diversity in environmental factors, farming systems and grower profiles across the nation, and will see us deliver better coordination and tailored benefits to growers at the regional and local levels.

Our current grower network model, consisting of the Regional Panels and the Regional Cropping Solutions groups, works extremely well in identifying regionally and locally-specific issues. But adding new regional teams on the ground will boost GRDC’s responsiveness and engagement with growers, grower groups, advisers and researchers.

Through GRDC’s new investment structure, our regional network of growers will also be more closely involved in the identification and management of short-term and medium-term projects that address their priority issues relating to farming systems, agronomy, soils, weeds, pests and diseases. The new structure will also make it easier for growers to understand their levy-based investment in grains R&D and how that translates to on-farm productivity and profitability.

We have been extremely heartened by the enthusiastic response of our industry to the establishment of offices in the three major grain growing regions. We are also maintaining a Canberra office to increase focus on longer-term, more strategic research investments which are best managed nationally, with strong international interactions and collaboration.


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