Know your aphids

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 20 Jul 2016

The arrival of the previously undetected Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) in the southern cropping region has heightened the need for correct identification of aphid species present in this year’s crops. To support growers and their advisers in identifying these pests, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has updated its popular Crop Aphids Back Pocket Guide.

The publication now includes information on RWA which was detected in Australia for the first time in May this year and is now established in a number of cropping regions in South Australia and Victoria.

Identification of crop aphids is very important when making control decisions and the Back Pocket Guide is designed to assist growers and agronomists in their efforts to correctly identify species observed in crops, this year and beyond. The guide also contains valuable information on aphid monitoring, aphid management (including measures to avoid the risk of insecticide resistance) and biological control.

Aphids are a group of soft-bodied bugs commonly found in a wide range of crops and pastures. Adults and nymphs suck out the plant sap and in early infestations this can remove nutrients from the young plants, causing stunting and other symptoms. Many aphid species also transmit viruses through their sap-sucking mouthparts, leading to the largest impacts on crop yields.

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