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Author: | Date: 04 Oct 2018

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'How resilient and ready for change are Australian farmers’ - is one of the new podcasts released today by the GRDC as part of a series that will be updated weekly and is designed to deliver information that will help improve on-farm profitability. PHOTO GRDC.

Whether you are a grain grower in the Western Australian wheat belt, an agronomist from Central Queensland, or a mixed farmer from Victoria a new series of podcasts from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is designed to keep you informed on-farm.

The podcast series features some of the grains sectors most pre-eminent researchers, growers, advisers and industry stakeholders sharing everything from the latest seasonal issues, to ground-breaking research and trial results with on-farm application.

The series will be updated with weekly episodes collected from across Australia’s grain regions and is firmly focused on delivering information to growers and advisers that will help improve profitability.

GRDC General Manager Grower Business Group Lucy Broad said the latest GRDC podcast series had been developed in response to audience requests for quality information, on-demand.

“We know growers and advisers are keen to hear the latest research and development information and this is a way of delivering it to them in an accessible format that lets them decide what, when and where they listen,” Ms Broad said.

“Data from reputable organisations like Edison Research show podcasts are increasingly popular in Australia and on average we listen to more than five hours of podcasts each week, with 80 per cent of listeners tuned in for the entire episode.

“The other big advantage of podcasts is we can turn around content really quickly and therefore promptly respond to seasonal issues and provide information in a really useful, timely and easy to listen way.”

Ms Broad said the new GRDC podcast series was designed to deliver a mix of topics, from a broad range of regions, to keep growers and advisers up-to-date and to help them make informed management decisions by delivering quality information wherever and whenever they wanted to tune in.

“Research shows us that 49 per cent of podcast listeners tune in on their home ground, so these episodes have been developed in an easy-to-understand, conversational style that delivers information you can actually use, whether you are in the farm ute or on the tractor,” she said.

“The capacity you have with a podcast – to download it when you are connected, and then play it even when you’re out of service –- makes it uniquely convenient for those working on-farm, and acknowledges growers’ need for easy access to on-demand information.

“This GRDC series is designed so listeners can subscribe to the lot or pick and choose episodes that are specifically relevant. Once they are downloaded to a mobile device they are available at any time.”

Podcasts released today as part of the series include:

  • Managing frost risk - Dr Peter Hayman, Principal Research Scientist in Climate Applications, SARDI – discussing frosts, the danger of a warm spring and how varietal choice means balancing the frost and heat risks, along with plant available water. Listen here or
  • What is really happening underground and how does it impact your crop - Professor Mike Bell, University of Queensland. Prof Bells explains how root systems respond to soil conditions, nutrient distribution and fertiliser application and what research is happening nationally and internationally to improve our understanding of plant behaviour. Link to listen or

To access the new GRDC podcast series go to and subscribe to iTunes or listen from your desktop.

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