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Author: | Date: 19 Oct 2018

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Research information from the Online Farm Trials website is becoming increasingly, well-used by industry and pictured here checking out the data is Professor David Lamb, from the University of New England at Armidale. Photo: Federation University Australia

On-farm research trials are conducted by farming systems groups, state government departments and other research organisations from across Australia, every season, to provide grain growers with information and insights to help them overcome regional cropping challenges and make more informed decisions.

As part of a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) investment, data from these trials has been collated into a central, easy-to-access online information resource, Online Farm Trials (OFT) at

This web resource was developed by the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) at Federation University Australia in Ballarat (Victoria) for growers, advisers, researchers and the wider grains industry.

Now the OFT project team is taking its mission to deliver relevant research to growers a step further by launching an e-newsletter.

Project Research Fellow Ben Wills said the e-newsletter was about offering additional ways for growers, advisers, researchers and the wider grains industry to connect and stay informed of the latest OFT results.

“The site now hosts results from 6500 trials contributed by more than 70 grower groups and research organisations from across the nation,” Dr Wills said.

“We have designed the site to be an easy-to-use platform for discovering information from various geographic and agronomic regions to assist growers source results that could help with on-farm decision making and planning.

“Now we have added an e-newsletter to our suite of communication tools to offer industry another way to find out what is available.”

The Spring 2018 edition of the OFT e-newsletter includes information on:

  • More than 250 trials spanning 20 years from Central West Farming Systems (CWFS), based in Condobolin (New South Wales), on topics ranging from stubble management, to soil acidity, controlled traffic farming, and risk management strategies for canola in low rainfall zones
  • 95 trial projects from the Hart Field Site Group in South Australia, such as a long-term comparison on seeding systems and pre-emergent herbicides for brome grass in barley
  • Trials from Western Australia-based agVivo on a 2017 project investigating yield responses to deep ripping
  • Seasonal topics including links to 330 trials on fungicides and management strategies
  • And links to 380 trials on stubble retention and management, including 174 trials on wheat, 40 for barley and 36 for canola.

The spring OFT newsletter also contains information about two PhD scholarship opportunities in digital agriculture currently being offered by CeRDI.

The first scholarship is focused on exploring how federating Australian grains trial data (via Online Farm Trials) can lead to new discoveries that support the ideals of digital agriculture and enduring profitability for growers. This project is supported by the GRDC.

The second scholarship is for a candidate to explore the social, economic and environmental value of adopting precision agriculture techniques in different Australian farming landscapes. Applications for both PhDs close on October 31.

Dr Wills said another reason to check out the OFT site and subscribe to the newsletter was grower groups and researchers were continuing to enter new data into the portal and the number of trials published on the site was continually growing.

“The OFT website contains information on how to become involved in the project and how to submit research. Grower groups and other research organisations which have previously not submitted data are welcome to become involved.”

To subscribe to the OFT e-newsletter go to

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