Timely tips on grain storage

Author: | Date: 31 Oct 2012

With harvest in full swing across grain growing regions from Dubbo, NSW to Emerald, Queensland, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is delivering a timely reminder on grain storage best practice.

Sharon O’Keeffe, GRDC manager regional grower services – north says growers have a wealth of information at their fingertips via the GRDC-funded stored grain information hub, www.storedgrain.com.au.

“Growers are particularly urged to check maximum residue limits for malting grain destined for human consumption so they don’t limit their marketing options,” Ms O’Keeffe said.

“With many growers in the northern region reporting lower protein levels it will be important to carefully consider the end use of the grain before it goes into storage.”

She says another decision facing growers during the busy harvest period is the selection of seed grain for next season.

“It’s important to make an informed choice on which varieties to keep and information can be found on the National Variety Trials (NVT) website, www.nvtonline.com.au which details local trials held in your area.”

GRDC has recently produced a fact sheet, Performance testing aeration systems, which details how to ensure cool, uniform moisture conditions throughout the grain bulk as cool grain temperatures slow or stop insect pest development and maintain grain quality.

The fact sheet details how to make an ‘A-flow device’ in order to accurately measure air flow.

This device can be used to test aeration fans with an air intake diameter of less than 25 millimetres and the fact sheet explains why the design, construction and use of A-flow devices are critical for accurate measurement of grain aeration.

For more information or to download the fact sheet, visit www.grdc.com.au/GRDC-FS-GrainStorage-PerformanceTestingAerationSystems.


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