New wheat changes weed management options

Author: Rachel Bowman | Date: 21 Nov 2012

Two men standing in knee high green crop

A new wheat variety set to change post-emergent weed management options for growers will be available for planting in 2013.

James Clark, Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) northern panel chair said Elmore CL PlusPBR logo , a new Clearfield® wheat released by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) gives growers another tool to combat problem weeds.

“GRDC is committed to funding prebreeding of wheat lines for precisely this outcome – so breeding companies can develop exciting new varieties and technologies that help growers drive their businesses forward and bring costs down,” Mr Clark said.

“Varieties such as AGT’s Elmore CL PlusPBR logo  allow growers to manage problem weeds by using different herbicides and this is an important strategy for combatting herbicide resistance and achieving high levels of weed control.”

Mr Clark says Elmore CL Plus  contains two genes that confer tolerance to Clearfiled Intervix® herbicide which is a member of the imidazolinone chemical family with Group B mode of action.

It offers one-pass post-emergent knockdown and residual control of many major grass and broadleaf weeds including brome grass, barley grass, wild oat, Indian hedge mustard, muskweed, wild radish, wild turnip, and suppression of annual ryegrass, he said.

“This technology is good for growers and good for the industry as it gives growers an opportunity to rotate chemical modes of action and groups which ultimately fights resistance.”

Mr Clark said growers were unlikely to be deterred by the variety’s AH classification for northern NSW and Queensland as it would be just part of the overall planting and yield gains could result from other aspects of the crop production system, including weed control.

“There is a discount in moving from a prime hard to hard variety but it may be worth it for the opportunity to reset the system, control weeds and use residual chemicals in the fallow, a practice that would normally lock growers out of wheat that year,” he said.

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Caption: Lower Balonne, Qld agronomist Greg Nicol and his share-farming partner Bruce Connelly pictured earlier this season in their 80-hectare crop of the new “double gene’’ Clearfield Plus wheat variety, Elmore CL PlusPBR logo .

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