Cropping in the digital age in GroundCover

Author: Michael Thomson | Date: 18 Sep 2013

Everything farmers need to know about cropping in the digital age, and how to tackle the problem weeds Feathertop Rhodes Grass and Flaxleaf Fleabane, is provided in three comprehensive inserts included with the latest edition of GroundCover.

GroundCover is published by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) to provide technical information to farmers, including updates on research, trials, new varieties, and farmer activities.

In the latest edition the 24-page insert, Cropping in the Digital Age, contains detailed information on some of the digital tools available to farmers, such as virtual modelling, long-term climate data, and online tools for managing risk.

There is also a detailed explanation of Apps for grain growers, to help farmers sift through the many support tools for smart phones that have flooded onto the market.

In addition, two GRDC fact sheets on Feathertop Rhodes Grass and Flaxleaf Fleabane provide vital weed management information in the lead-up to summer planting.

The fact sheets contain advice on how best to reduce the weeds’ impact on farm, using the most up-to-date research and techniques.

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