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Author: Sarah Jeffrey | Date: 26 Mar 2014

Cover of Applying PA guide

Northern region grain growers keen to make the most of the precision agriculture (PA) tools available to them can make sure they’re on the right track thanks to a new resource from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

The GRDC has published a comprehensive guide to PA, which is the precise application of agronomic and management practices that impact positively in overall farm productivity and profitability.

Applying PA - A reference guide for the modern practitioner identifies and describes a commonsense approach to utilise available spatially-based technology as part of an effort to maximise whole-farm profit.

Publication of the guide complements GRDC’s investment portfolio which is helping to increase the adoption of PA through training and projects developing resources that fill the knowledge gap between research and commercial application of PA on-farm.

The reference guide is now available for viewing and downloading via the GRDC website,, and hard copies are also available through GRDC’s Ground Cover Direct service by phoning 1800 110044 or by emailing

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