Variety selection made easy for Qld wheat growers

Author: Sarah Jeffrey | Date: 24 Mar 2014

Queensland wheat growers have an opportunity to fine-tune variety selection for the impending winter plant with the recent release of the 2014 National Variety Trials (NVT) Queensland Wheat Variety Guide.

Northern panel chair James ClarkFunded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), the annual Guide is a collation of data from the NVT which benchmark the performance of regionally important varieties to develop individual disease and agronomic ratings, varietal information and recommendations on planting windows and herbicide sensitivity.

In a move that may impact growers’ varietal selection, several alterations have been made in this year’s Guide, including the release of LongReach Lancer(PBR) as an early season APH variety, and changes to the wheat quality classification boundaries prompting  new classifications for some varieties.

The new classifications include Wallup(PBR) changing from AH to APH, and LongReach Dart(PBR) and LongReach Gauntlet(PBR) changing from APW to APH.

GRDC Northern Region Panel chair James Clark said growers would be looking to maximise production opportunities this winter following last year’s variable yields and challenging seasonal conditions.

“Productivity and therefore profitability in the grains industry is dependent on the continued use and adoption of new technologies including the adoption of new varieties with superior yield and useful disease resistance characteristics,” Mr Clark said.

“Varietal selection has a major impact on every area of crop management from sowing time to disease management, nutritional requirements and herbicide application so it is critically important to match variety to environmental conditions.

“The NVT Queensland Wheat Variety Guide gives growers the information they need to make an informed varietal choice and at the end of the day, this can mean the difference between a profitable and unprofitable crop.”

This year’s Queensland Wheat Variety Guide is available in hard copy or online at

For complete information on the released varieties in the Queensland NVT trials, visit the NVT website at

Caption: GRDC Northern Region panel chair James Clark

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