Guide details canopy management principles

Author: Sarah Jeffrey | Date: 08 May 2014

How should grain growers best manage cereal crop canopies using techniques including crop row spacing, livestock grazing and new technologies?

Detailed information about crop canopy management – the management of the crop’s green surface area to optimise yields and make best use of inputs – is contained in a new publication published by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Advancing the Management of Crop Canopies includes results from trials carried out in recent years across Australia, mainly in medium to higher rainfall areas.

The guide, written mainly by Nick Poole of the Foundation of Arable Research, and CSIRO’s James Hunt, was produced as part of a GRDC funded project examining disease and canopy management.

Available at, the publication is split into three main sections covering crop physiology, disease management and canopy management.

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Contact Details 

Nick Poole, Foundation of Arable Research Australia
03 5265 1290

Dr James Hunt, CSIRO
02 6246 5066

GRDC Project Code SFS00017

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