Ask an expert about harvest weed seed control

Author: | Date: 28 Jul 2014

Image of Maurie Street, a Dubbo farmer from the Grain Orana Alliance

Do you have a question about how to get stared with harvest weed seed control?

The Weedsmart `Ask an Expert’ theme is currently focussed on harvest weed seed control and is being hosted by Dubbo farmer, and researcher with the Grain Orana Alliance, Maurie Street.

WeedSmart is an industry-led initiative managed by the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) and supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) that aims to enhance on-farm practices and promote the long term sustainability of herbicide use in Australian agriculture.

According to Mr Street, harvest weed seed control tactics could delay the further development and spread of herbicide resistant weeds on farms where herbicides are still effective.

In Western Australia farmers have been forced into harvest weed seed control tactics and have overcome most of the practical barriers to adoption. In the eastern states pressure is mounting as herbicide resistance is becoming more widespread.

“A major advantage of early adoption is the preservation of the herbicide chemistry that is still effective at the moment,” he said.

“This window of opportunity is closing fast though and growers who want to still have effective herbicide options will need to act immediately - this season if possible.”

Whatever the resistance status, Mr Street believes the experience of Western Australian growers should be enough to encourage other growers to make the change sooner rather than later. He said the changes were relatively easy to make and were proven to effectively reduce weed seed bank numbers within a few seasons.

“If you want to be growing crops without uncontrollable weeds robbing yield in five years’ time, you need to be implementing some form of harvest weed seed control as soon as possible,” he said.

Growers and advisors are encouraged to submit questions on harvest weed seed control or any other herbicide resistance management strategy using Twitter @WeedSmartAU or on the WeedSmart website


Caption: Dubbo farmer, Grain Orana Alliance research and `Ask an Expert’ host, Maurie Street.

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