Peanut production in a nutshell

Author: Sarah Jeffrey | Date: 14 Jan 2015

Image of Ian Crosthwaite. Image supplied by BGA

Peanut production has gone `live’ this week with the release of Australia’s first online agronomic manual – the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Peanut GrowNotes

Peanut GrowNotes equips growers with the latest research and extension information, paving the way for valuable gains in crop production and profitability.

The module offers expert advice on all aspects of peanut production from pre-sowing planning to paddock preparation, sowing practices, crop nutrition, fertiliser, weed control, disease and pest management, harvest and storage practices, environmental issues and marketing.

BGA AgriServices senior agronomist Ian Crosthwaite has spent the past 30 years working with peanut growers in the South Burnett region and believes the Peanut GrowNotes fills a gap in available technical resources.

“The Peanut GrowNotes module is a great technical resource for both agronomists and growers, particularly the younger people in our industry who are seeking detailed and up-to-date agronomic management information to broaden their knowledge and experience,” Mr Crosthwaite said.

“There haven’t been any comprehensive resources in the public domain covering the agronomic management of peanuts published since the mid-1990s so the Peanut GrowNotes will certainly be welcomed by the industry.

“One of the most exciting parts about this initiative is that it is so easy to access and will be kept updated as new information comes to hand.”

This is the first time that such a comprehensive range of information has been so readily accessible to growers and is a direct response to calls from industry to provide crop-specific information targeted to individual regions and cropping environments.

GRDC GrowNotes complement specialist advisory services already offered by local agronomists and consultants by reinforcing industry best-practice advice across the production spectrum and providing hundreds of hypertext links for further reading on specific issues.

Importantly, GrowNotes are also helping the GRDC identify gaps in industry research, providing feedback for consideration in future investment priorities.

Presented as online flipbooks, the GrowNotes library collates the massive bank of research and extension work facilitated by industry and funded by GRDC and its research partners over the past 20 years, and offers growers an unprecedented opportunity to raise the bar on crop production and profitability.

The launch of the Peanut GrowNotes follows the successful release of the barley, sorghum, sunflower, faba beans, wheat, barley, durum, chickpea and maize modules which are being extensively used by growers and agronomists across the northern cropping region.


Caption: BGA AgriServices senior agronomist Ian Crosthwaite has welcomed the release of the Peanut GrowNotes.


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