Improved R and D capacity in the North

Author: Tom Dixon | Date: 04 May 2015

2015 research updates

Northern grains research will receive a major boost this year with the announcement of additional funding for 17 new grain researchers and technical officers.

Over the next five years, significant new resources will be channelled into the northern industry through both new research nodes and the employment of more grains research agronomists, researchers and technical officers.

This increase in capacity and capability is a result of a collaborative effort between the GRDC, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland (DAFQ), The University of Queensland (UQ) and the NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI).

“It’s fabulous that there has been investment in new positions in the northern grains region,” says Loretta Serafin, research and development leader for northern dryland cropping systems, NSW DPI, and GRDC Northern Panel member.

“With time, this investment will build our capacity for research and extension across the northern grains region.

Improved research and development (R&D) capacity has long been championed by the GRDC as critical to the future of the northern grains industry.

“Investment is key to ensuring R&D capacity is maintained in the industry,” she says.

“Private industry relies on this research to be able to provide the most solid and up to date information to their clients. People also want access to researchers working in their local environment to allow the best exchange of information, and hopefully this investment will help to ensure this access remains,” Ms Serafin says.

New northern region projects will run over the five years, with almost $10 million invested by the GRDC and the remainder from CSIRO, DAFQ and NSW DPI.

Watch a video of Loretta Serafin describing how increased investment will boost R&D in the northern region.


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