Chickpea growers needed for survey research

Author: | Date: 06 Mar 2018

The 2017 chickpea season proved challenging for many growers, with some crops experiencing moisture and heat stress, as well as frost conditions and rain late in the season.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) are investing in research to investigate the issues experienced by chickpea growers in 2017 and want growers to complete an anonymous survey as part of the project.

Dr Wood is asking growers to complete an anonymous survey on their experiences with chickpeas in 2017.

Dr Jennifer Wood, Senior Research Scientist (Pulse Quality) at NSW DPI said they are particularly interested in growers’ experiences with chickpea defects or problems in the delivery of chickpeas at receival centres.

“It was a challenging season for chickpea growers last year and we would like to capture their experiences as part of collaborative GRDC projects including ‘Eliminating Grain Defects in Chickpeas’, ‘Northern NSW Integrated Disease Management’ and the PBA Chickpea Breeding Program,” she said.

“Downgrades due to grain defects in chickpeas can cost growers significant penalties per tonne, so we are studying what environmental conditions contribute to these defects, and whether certain varieties are more susceptible than others.

“We know some of the crops being delivered at the end of the season were downgraded or even rejected for grain defects and we need to understand the scale of the problems and what impact they have had on grower profitability so that we can target our research on the most important seed defects that have the biggest impact on growers.”

Dr Wood said as part of this research they are asking growers to complete an anonymous survey.

“It’s really important that growers and advisors know more about the environmental conditions causing defects and whether any varieties are more susceptible than others. To do that we need to know what defects are occurring, to what extent and why, so that we can try to increase tolerance in new varieties and refine management strategies,” she said.

“Growers have a valuable contribution to make to this understanding, so we are hoping as many as possible will fill in this anonymous survey.”

The survey will include questions on variety, area harvested, defects detected and subsequent penalty discounts, with the data collected helping boost the knowledge needed to breed varieties less susceptible to defects.

Growers should feel free to share the survey with their networks. Read the survey via this link.

Growers and advisors can access comprehensive chickpea information in the Chickpeas Northern Region - GrowNotes™.

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