Practical spray drift awareness workshops

Author: | Date: 02 Jul 2018

Keeping spray on target and avoiding drift will be the focus of a series of practical spray drift awareness workshops featuring industry specialist Mary O’Brien in south west Queensland this winter.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has invested in four workshops, which will be held at Thallon, Muckadilla, Surat and Wallumbilla during July and August.

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The GRDC has invested in four spray drift awareness workshops, which will be held at Thallon, Muckadilla, Surat and Wallumbilla during July and August.

Organiser Rhonda Toms-Morgan from ConnectAg in Roma said the practical four hour workshops offered a ‘complete and straightforward guide’ to effective crop spraying for growers and contractors, and would also included presentations on herbicide resistance and workplace health and safety.

“These spray drift awareness workshops have been developed to provide grain growers and others involved in the industry with practical guidelines for best practice to ensure spray is landing on target and they are avoiding drift,” Mrs Toms-Morgan said.

“Mary O’Brien is well regarded as a specialist presenter and someone who is skilled at effectively explaining some of the more complex components of spray set up and application.”

“She will also cover record keeping, weather conditions like inversions, nozzle selection, spray quality, coverage and efficacy, water quality, speed and adjuvants, so it really is the complete ‘how to guide’ for those involved with crop spraying.”

A session on herbicide resistance will be presented well-known agronomist Paul McIntosh from the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) explaining resistance challenges and strategies growers and their advisors can use to overcome the problem, while Mick Russell will discuss the latest workplace health and safety guidelines.

GRDC Crop Protection Officer North Vicki Green said the workshops were an invaluable opportunity for south west Queensland grain growers and crop spray contractors to hear practical guidelines to avoid spray drift.

“The GRDC understands growers want to get product on target, because it means they are getting the best bang for their buck in terms of chemical use and application,” Mrs Green said.

“But the GRDC are also aware spray drift has been an issue for agriculture in recent seasons, so we are committed to playing a part in improving grower awareness, understanding and implementation of best practice.”

Guest speakers at the Thallon workshop will also include GRDC Senior Manager Crop Protection Dr Ken Young, who will be talking about the latest research and development in weed, disease and pest control.

The workshops will be held at:

  • Thallon − Monday, July 30, Thallon Shire Community Hall 1-30-6.30pm to register online follow this link.
  • Muckadilla − Tuesday, July 31, Muckadilla Community Hall, 2-7pm to register online follow this link.
  • Surat − Wednesday, August 1, Austin Downs, River Road, 2-7pm to register online follow this link.
  • Wallumbilla − Thursday, August 2, QCWA Hall, Wallumbilla 8am-midday to register online follow this link.

For more information or to RSVP please contact Rhonda Toms-Morgan at ConnectAg on 0407 678 574 or

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