Grain storage workshops for CQ growers

Author: | Date: 16 Oct 2018

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A series of Grain Storage and Early Harvest Management workshops will be held in Central Queensland next week.

Managing moisture in stored grain and tips for effectively preserving the quality of planting seed will be key topics at grain grower workshops in Central Queensland next week.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) senior development agronomist, Philip Burrill, will oversee the Grain Storage and Early Harvest Management’ workshops, which are being held at Kilcummin, Capella, Orion, Moura, Duaringa and Jambin.

Mr Burrill, who is also a member of the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s (GRDC) Grain Storage Extension team, will deliver the workshops in partnership with the Central Queensland Grower Solutions Group.

“To manage moisture in grain in storage, preserve the quality of planting seed and reduce storage pest problems, growers need to practice good hygiene. In other words, empty silos and ensure grain handling equipment is clean in regard to pests,” he said.

“Silo hygiene is vital because old grain residues can have a big impact on how often pest infestations occur.”

The incidence and severity of pest problems can also be combatted with adequate aeration cooling of stored grain, according to Mr Burrill, and he urged growers to seek advice on fan type, fan size and the model of auto controller selected to run fans.

For most farm situations, he said fumigation was the only option for managing a storage pest infestation and silos needed to meet the Australian standard AS2628 for gas-tight sealing so fumigations were effective.

“If you start with a well-designed silo with good structural build quality, placed on a sound concrete foundation, it is going to have less problems over time remaining gas-tight when a fumigation is required,” Mr Burrill said.

The ability to correctly segregate grain at harvest time on grain quality specification as required by the market, is also a key consideration for growers to maximise profits from on-farm storage.

More information will be presented at the CQ Grain Storage and Early Harvest Management workshops at:

Monday, October 22

  • Kilcummin Hall, 2.30-5pm

Tuesday, October 23

  • Capella Golf Club, 8-10.30am
  • Orion Tennis Club, 2.30-5pm

Wednesday, October 24

  • Moura RSL, 8-10.30am
  • Duaringa Golf Club, 2.30-5pm

Thursday, October 25

  • Jambin Hall, 8-10.30am

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. To register or for more information, contact Rod Collins on 0428 929 146 or or Hayley Eames, 0459 813 389 or

A variety of information and fact sheets on grain storage is also available via the GRDC Stored Grain Information Hub at, while general telephone enquiries can be directed to 1800-WEEVIL (1800 933 845).

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