GRDC Panel tour to focus on Central Queensland

Date: 09 Jul 2021

image of John Minogue
GRDC Northern Region Panel Chair John Minogue will lead a tour focusing on hearing the challenges and opportunities for grain growers, farm advisers and agronomists in Central Queensland later this month. Photo GRDC

Central Queensland will be the focus of attention for the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s (GRDC) Northern Region Panel later this month.

Led by grain grower and chair of the GRDC Northern Panel, John Minogue, the advisory panel will tour through the Rockhampton, Callide/Jambin, Duaringa, Emerald, Capella and Gindie regions on a three-day fact-finding trip to engage with growers, agronomists, farm advisers, researchers and community members.

Mr Minogue said the panels played a critical role in relaying information back to the GRDC about the individual challenges facing growers, along with feedback on their research needs and priorities.

The GRDC Northern Panel visits different New South Wales and Queensland cropping regions twice a year to liaise directly with industry.

“As a panel it is critical that we create opportunities to engage directly with growers in a two-way conversation that helps us develop an in-depth understanding of different regions and the issues and constraints facing farming businesses,” Mr Minogue said.

“Understanding the challenges growers are dealing with is vital to ensuring GRDC investments deliver paddock-ready solutions to production constraints, help reduce production costs and, importantly, increase farm profitability.

Mr Minogue said the GRDC used information from panel tours to help refine research, development and extension (RD&E) investments at regional and national levels.

“Informing RD&E investments and priorities is important because, at the end of the day, we all share a common goal of creating enduring profitability for the grains industry,” he said.

“This tour of Central Queensland will also allow us to assess the effectiveness of past and present GRDC investments in the region as well as identify potential new opportunities.”

Mr Minogue invited growers, agronomists, farm advisers and grains industry representatives to join panel members at any of the stop-overs.

July 27

  • 4pm - BBQ meet and greet – Central Queensland University, Rockhampton campus

July 28

  • 9.45am - NVT trial at Ian and Megan Hutching’s property ‘Lorraine’, Jambin
  • 1.45pm -Visit to Colin Dunne’s property ‘Sorrel Hills’, Duaringa

July 29

  • 8.30am - BBQ breakfast with growers and researchers at Emerald Research Station
  • Grower field walk at Emerald Research Station
  • 11.15am - Discussions with growers and BBQ lunch with Capella growers at Gersbach’s ‘Kurrajong’ Capella
  • 3.00pm - Discussions with growers and afternoon tea with Gindie growers at Sampson’s ‘Glenora Downs’ Gindie.

For more information on the itinerary contact GRDC Senior Regional Manager – North, Gillian Meppem on 0409 279 328 or email

On the tour will be GRDC Northern Panel members John Minogue, Arthur Gearon (Deputy Chair), Roy Hamilton, Peter McKenzie, Graham Spackman, Bruce Watson, Dr Jo White, Chris Clyne, Georgina Pengilley and Adam Tomlinson. GRDC staff will also be accompanying the panel.

Contact details


Toni Somes, GRDC Communications Manager – North
0436 622 645