Gross margin guidance for SA growers

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 06 Mar 2013

Barry Mudge

Grain growers and livestock producers throughout South Australia can now access a valuable resource to help inform their decisions as they strive to maximise the chances of a successful season in 2013.

Supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT), Rural Solutions SA has released its 2013 Farm Gross Margin and Enterprise Planning Guide.

Compiled by Barry Mudge, for Rural Solutions SA, the guide has been mailed by GRDC to about 6700 producers and industry contacts across the State.

Mr Mudge said the guide aimed to provide an indication of the relative profitability of various crops and livestock enterprises, as well as a template for producers to calculate their own numbers.

“While there are many factors to consider when setting up a farm plan, the guide aims to assist producers in analysing the financial consequences of selecting various enterprises,” Mr Mudge said.

“Indicative gross margins are provided for different rainfall zones across SA, along with updated input prices. Historical price information for the various crops is included, along with some tips and resources for maximising returns from individual enterprises.

“Producers can use the information to develop their own gross margins for both farm planning purposes and as the first step in building a farm budget for the oncoming year. The guide is also particularly useful for researchers who are seeking indicative examples to assess the economic consequences of their work.”

The guide can be viewed and downloaded via


Caption: The 2013 Farm Gross Margin and Enterprise Planning Guide has been compiled by Barry Mudge, for Rural Solutions SA.

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