High disease risk in SA pulse crops

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 12 Aug 2013

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South Australian pulse growers are being advised to closely monitor crops due to the high risk of diseases.

South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) senior pulse pathologist, Dr Jenny Davidson, says prolific crop canopy development has occurred in a number of pulse crops across SA due to high rainfall and warmer than average May and June temperatures.

Dr Davidson, whose work is supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), says botrytis diseases (chocolate spot and botrytis grey mould) are likely to be favoured as heavy canopies develop.

Jenny Davidson, SARDI

“Any faba bean and lentil crops nearing canopy closure should have a fungicide application as this is the last opportunity to protect against disease in the lower canopy. This prophylactic application is earlier than most years and will mean a longer than normal window of protection, potentially requiring multiple sprays if humidity is maintained in crops.”

Dr Davidsonsays while some lentil cultivars have improved resistance to Botrytis grey mould, a canopy closure spray on these cultivars is recommended, given the seasonal conditions and the likely production of large canopies.

“However, the improved level of resistance may mean less or no follow-up sprays are required. Nevertheless, crops should be monitoredfor disease levels as the season progresses as the risk is currently high.”

She says all faba bean cultivars are susceptible to chocolate spot and require a fungicide immediately before canopy closure. Follow-up sprays will depend on seasonal conditions.

Botrytis grey mould does not normally occur in chickpeas in SA, but if chickpea crops develop heavy canopies and conditions are suitable for Botrytis grey mould (over 18C with high humidity), then these crops will also need to be sprayed with a fungicide, according to Dr Davidson.


Caption:SA Research and Development Institute senior pulse pathologist, Jenny Davidson, is encouraging SA pulse growers to closely monitor crops due to the high risk of diseases.

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