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Author: | Date: 27 Feb 2014


Fumigation in gas-tight storage is the only option for control of grain pest insects at all stages of their life cycle. But successful fumigation requires knowing how much phosphine gas to apply, when to apply it and the length of time needed for an effective kill. To assist southern region grain growers in their efforts to control grain storage pests and prevent insecticide resistance, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has produced a fact sheet, Grain Fumigation – A Guide. The fact sheet has been developed in consultation with grain storage specialists, including Peter Botta, of PCB Consulting, who says that in order to kill eggs, larva, pupa and adult grain pests, phosphine gas needs to reach, and be maintained at, a concentration possible only in a gas-tight storage.

Mr Botta says the total time required for effective fumigation ranges from 10 to 17 days, accounting for the minimum exposure period, ventilation and withholding period. In addition to the recommended period of fumigation, the fact sheet details the application rates for phosphine tablets in storage, where tablets should be placed, the need for safe handling of phosphine, and when and how to ventilate silos following fumigation.

The fact sheet, distributed with the January-February edition of GRDC’s Ground Cover magazine, is also available for viewing and downloading via www.grdc.com.au/GRDC-FS-GrainFumigationGuide. For more information about grain storage, visit the GRDC information hub at www.storedgrain.com.au. Successful fumigation in gas-tight storage is one of the topics being addressed at GRDC-supported grain storage workshops being presented throughout the southern cropping region by Mr Botta. Details about the workshops are available from Peter Botta on 0417 501 890 or email pbotta@bigpond.com.


CAPTION: Fumigation in gas-tight storage is the only option for thorough control of grain pest insects.

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