Loxton workshop to discuss frost damage to region's crops

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 22 Sep 2014

Riverland and Murraylands farm advisers and their grain-growing clients who have been affected by recent severe frosts will gather in Loxton on Monday, September 29, to discuss the situation. The technical workshop for agronomists, advisers, consultants and growers has been organised to review the impact of frost and discuss frost management strategies for local farming systems and current and future research efforts. Initiated by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), the workshop will be from 9.30am to 3.30pm at the Loxton Hotel

The workshop will feature several experts who will provide advice and critical insights to growers and their advisers on topics such as identifying frost damage, maturity drivers in wheat, varietal tolerance, cutting damaged crops for hay and opportunities with livestock. Research being undertaken through the GRDC-supported National Frost Initiative will also be outlined. A field site visit will conclude the workshop. Registration for the free-of-charge workshop is essential. To view the program and to register, please visit www.agcommunicators.com.au/workshops.

In the meantime, growers and advisers are urged to inspect crops for damage caused by frosts which have affected many crops in early growth stages. Growers need to consider their circumstances and make a quick decision about management options. More information on frost and its impact on crops can be found in the GRDC Managing Frost Risk booklet, www.grdc.com.au/GRDC-Booklet-ManagingFrostRisk. A GRDC Fact Sheet on managing the risk of frost is available via www.grdc.com.au/GRDC-FS-FrostRisk. To assist with identification of frost damage in crops, the GRDC’s Back Pocket Guides are a useful resource and can be found at www.grdc.com.au/GRDC-BPG-FrostCereals and www.grdc.com.au/GRDC-BPG-FrostPulses. The GRDC has also published an online resource in response to recent frost events in the southern region, see http://www.grdc.com.au/News-FrostDamageConcern-0914.



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