Weed battle moves up a gear with new manual

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 10 Dec 2014

Well established in the northern grains region, feathertop Rhodes grass (FTR) is emerging as a problem for grain growers in the south, especially in the Central West region of New South Wales. To assist growers and their advisers in combating the weed, a new Integrated Weed Management of FTR manual has been published. The manual offers an overview of FTR and its biology as well as practical advice on all aspects of FTR management including control tactics, post-emergent and residual herbicide options, the use of crop rotations, advice on chemical groups to include in a management program and implementation of an effective integrated control strategy.

The manual is an initiative of the Central Queensland Grower Solutions group and is co-funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). The manual’s recommendations are based on the latest FTR research findings on herbicide efficacy, effects of strategic tillage on seed placement in the soil profile, seed bank viability at differing burial depths, effect of different implements on FTR emergence and the impact of crop rotation in FTR management. A copy of the Integrated Weed Management of FTR manual can be downloaded at www.grdc.com.au/IWM-FTR-2014.



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