Horsham workshop to discuss pests in retained stubbles

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 06 Mar 2015


Grain growers and consultants challenged by management of pests in retained stubble systems are invited to attend a workshop in Horsham to share and discuss their experiences with research and extension experts.

The workshop on Tuesday, March 10, will focus on current and predicted pest prevention and control issues, as well as the latest knowledge and advice being generated from research and development efforts.

Hosted by the National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (NIPI) in conjunction with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), CSIRO, Southern Farming Systems (SFS) and BCG (formerly Birchip Cropping Group), the workshop will also help identify any gaps in research for potential future industry funding.

Workshop co-ordinator and CSIRO research scientist Dr Sarina Macfadyen says the forum in Horsham will bring together researchers, extension personnel, growers and consultants to discuss pest management issues, identify the challenges and suggest solutions.

“We want as many people as possible to come along so we can gain a clear understanding of the issues associated with pests in retained stubble systems,” Dr Macfadyen said.

“It’s also a great opportunity for growers and consultants to hear about what research has already taught us and what future research could deliver to further reduce the impact of pests in stubbles.”

Snails and slugs will be a particular focus of the workshop, according to Dr Macfadyen.

Established cultural and chemical control techniques are available for managing snail and slug problems in grain production systems, yet growers still have crop failures and grain contamination due to these pests.

Emerging pests such as earwigs, slaters, millipedes and wireworms will also be discussed. Problems with these pests have increased in line with the widespread uptake of stubble retention across Australia.

In response to these and other agronomic issues, the GRDC has invested in a collaborative Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble initiative.

The stubble initiative involves farming systems groups in Victoria, South Australia and southern and central New South Wales collaborating with research organisations and agribusiness to look at stubble retention issues encountered by growers, including pests, diseases, weeds, nutrition and the physical aspects of sowing and establishing crops in heavy residues.

The grower groups involved have developed research, development and extension activities with the aim of producing up-to-date locally specific management guidelines for use by growers and their advisers. Progress with these pest-related activities will be detailed at the Horsham workshop.

The workshop will be from 10am to 4pm at the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Horsham Centre on Natimuk Road.

There is no cost to attend the workshop but for catering purposes, registration prior to the event is encouraged (to register go to www.eventbrite.com.au/e/nipi-forum-pest-management-in-retained-stubble-systems-tickets-14432328483).

For more information, contact Sarina Macfadyen at CSIRO by email sarina.macfadyen@csiro.au, or Aaron Nix at CSIRO by email aaron.nix@csiro.au or phone 07 38335763, or Paul Breust at Southern Farming Systems by email pbreust@sfs.org.au or phone 03 5265 1666.


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Caption: The management of pests in retained stubble systems will be discussed at a workshop in Horsham. 

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