Lameroo's Louise named nation's top young agronomist

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 11 Nov 2015

Louise Flohr women's agronomy workshops

The South Australian Mallee town of Lameroo can lay claim to being the home of one of the nation’s best young agronomists.

Agricultural consultant Louise Flohr has been named a joint winner of the Australian Society of Agronomy’s 2015 Young Agronomist Award.

An adviser with Agrilink Agricultural Consultants, Ms Flohr was recently presented with the award which recognises efforts in the areas of research, teaching, education, publication and communication among the scientific and farming communities.

The other recipient was Rohan Brill, an agronomist with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

Ms Flohr was commended for her provision of farm business and agronomic advice to growers, particularly those in SA’s Mallee region, as well as her initiative in establishing agronomy workshops for women who are involved in the farm business.

Last year she received Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Conference Award funding to conduct a successful series of “Grass-Roots Agronomy for Women in Farm Business” workshops in the southern Mallee.

Ms Flohr had noted that often it was the females who were responsible for the farm finances yet in many cases these women had limited knowledge of the day-to-day operations on their properties.

The workshops provided the participants with basic identification and management tools, “so they can be another pair of eyes on the farm, and help identify issues before they become a problem”.

“The ultimate goal was to improve the skills, capacity and knowledge of women in farming businesses,” Ms Flohr said.

Ms Flohr conducts her own trial looking at nitrogen response curves and the impact on yield, and she is a regular attendee at GRDC Grains Research and Farm Business Updates and technical workshops.

She was honoured to receive the Young Agronomist Award: “I am passionate about the grains industry and working with growers to improve their farming system, in a profitable and sustainable way,” Ms Flohr said. “To be recognised by my peers for doing something I love is an incredible boost.”

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Caption: Agrilink consultant Louise Flohr (foreground) conducting a GRDC-funded Grass-Roots Agronomy for Women in Farm Business workshop. Photo: L Flohr

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