Rohan Mott Panel Profile

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 13 Jan 2016

Rohan Mott

A fourth generation grain grower in the Victorian Mallee, Rohan Mott has been farming for 24 years.

Rohan is a director of Mott Ag which produces wheat, barley, lupins, field peas, lentils and vetch, including vetch hay, and has significant on-farm storage investment.

Rohan continually strives to broaden his understanding and knowledge of agriculture, is passionate about the sustainability of Australian agriculture, and has a keen interest in new technology and value-adding.

He grew up on the family farm at Turriff and with his brothers and parents has expanded the operation to now include property at Ninda, where he lives.

Rohan says that through his father he has been exposed to on-farm innovation, an area in which he maintains a great deal of interest.

In fact, it was this enthusiasm for innovation and new technology that fuelled Rohan’s desire to become a member of the GRDC Southern Regional Panel.

“I’ve long been interested in research and development – I think that’s something I’ve had rub off on me from my father. So joining the Panel was a natural step for me.

“I also believe being a Panel member also offers an opportunity for personal development and to create a greater network of researchers and growers. And I’m keen to contribute back to the grains industry more broadly.”

Rohan says the issues of most concern to him and growers in his region revolve around increasing weed pressure, particularly as a result of herbicide resistance.

“Heat and frost stress are also significant issues affecting growers’ decision-making in terms of rotation planning and crop choice.”

Rohan says GRDC-funded trials, such as those investigating time of sowing, breeding of better pulse varieties, and low rainfall environment cropping sequences are exploring and delivering opportunities for growers to advance their farming systems.

“I think ultimately these programs are going to assist in giving growers greater confidence in our decision making.”

Having taken up Panel duties in September 2015, Rohan sees his primary role as being an interface between growers, researchers and the GRDC.

“I will be speaking with growers and finding out their concerns and issues with production in their area. I will be taking that information back to the Panel for discussion and evaluation. Eventually we will be prioritising those issues to work into GRDC-funded projects.”

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