Time to tackle moisture robbing summer weeds

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 16 Feb 2016

Heavy rainfall in parts of the southern cropping region over recent weeks is likely to promote summer weed growth, robbing cropping soils of valuable moisture and nutrients. Grain growers are therefore encouraged to control weeds as soon as possible, before they become a larger problem.

Uncontrolled weeds not only reduce soil moisture and nitrogen, but can also lead to equipment blockages that impede efficient sowing operations. Controlling summer weeds can also minimise disease and insect issues that can occur when a “green bridge” of weeds and volunteer cereals is allowed to survive over summer.

To assist growers with their summer weed control efforts, the GRDC offers a number of useful resources, including the Summer Fallow Weed Management Manual. More information on weed management can be found at the GRDC Integrated Weed Management Hub, or WeedSmart, www.weedsmart.org.au.


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